Steck 71490 I-Bolt

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The Steck I-Bolt: Universal Tow Eye allows towers, body shop technicians, and mechanics to safely load disabled foreign and some domestic vehicles on roll back wreckers and frame racks, without causing damage.

I-Bolt is a 2” x 1 ½” loop connected to a 7” long steel shaft with unique gripping teeth that lock into the threaded holes on the front or rear of the vehicle.  Insert the I-Bolt into the threaded hole, ideally behind the nut or the back of the hole, engage the gripping teeth by turning the loop clockwise (while holding the knurled 1 ¾” knob) until the teeth engage behind the nut or in the threaded hole.

I-Bolt is able to fit threaded holes having diameters of ½” up to 1 ¼”.  This unique design provides a universal hook up solution for the 200+ vehicles identified in the Towing and Service Manual from AAA.   Also included is a 6’ x 2” polyester safety strap with a  4” looped end to wrap around the control arm or sway bar and a 3 ½” steel flat snap hook that attaches to the I-Bolt to positively secure the vehicle. The I-Bolt has been certified to pull up to 1,500 lbs. Winch the vehicle until all 4 four wheels are on the bed, and then level the bed. Continue to winch and stop 3-4 ft. short of the winch itself to avoid bending the I-Bolt and damaging the bumper. Once the vehicle is loaded, remove the I-Bolt and secure the vehicle.